National Human Genome Research Center (​CNRGH)

The CNRGH is the French national research center which enables a response to scientific questions necessitating high throughput sequencing and genotyping thanks to the development and deployment of innovative integrated technologies. The organization of the CNRGH enables optimization of genetic and genomic research on human diseases by creating indispensable links between cohort constitution (DNA samples), identification of the responsible genes, and study of the transcriptome and epigenome.​​​​

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The MEDical GENomics excellence laboratory, GENMED, has the objective of promoting the development of research projects on human diseases which are competitive at national and international level. 


Parental vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy is associated with increased blood pressure in offspring via Panx1 hypermethylation
GWAS in the SIGNAL/PHARE clinical cohort restricts the association between the FGFR2 locus and estrogen receptor status to HER2-negative breast cancer patients
Unique epigenetic modulation by EPIT compared to OIT in a model of peanut sensitized mice: sustainable GATA-3 hypermethylation and Foxp3 hypomethylation
Allergy 71 (), 3-4, 2016
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