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Historical milestones

Published on 8 September 2016
  • 1​​990-1996:  implementation and publication by Généthon of the first human genome maps 1996-1997:  creation of Genoscope - National Center for Sequencing, and then the CNG - National Center for Genotyping, which took over from Généthon for sequencing and genotyping 
  • 1998:  creation of the group of public interest (GIP) Genopole in Evry
  • 1998-2003:  sequencing of chromosome 14 of the human genome by Genoscope
  • 2000:  creation of Unit UMR 8030 'Genomics Metabolics' with the CNRS and UEVE 
  • 2002:  grouping of Genoscope and the CNG within the GIP CNRG (National Consortium for Genomics Research)
  • 2007-2008:  incorporation of Genoscope and the CNG in the Directorate of Life Sciences of the CEA and creation of the Institute of Genomics (IG) of the CEA
  • 2011:  creation of the national infrastructure France Génomique (PIA INBS)
  • 2013:  startup of LabEx GenMed at the CNG
  • 2014:  acquisition, by the CEA and Genopole, of buildings 'G1 and G2' which house the IG
  • 2014:  creation of the Mixed Service  Unit France Génomique (CEA/CNRS/INRA/Inserm)​​