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Objectives and strategy

Published on 23 May 2017
​​​Sinc​e 2007, the Institute of Genomics (IG) of the CEA consists of 2 internationally reputed genomic platforms: Genoscope and the CNRGH, created in Evry at the end of the 1990s. As was the case for Genoscope and the CNRGH from the outset, the mission of the IG is to ensure, for the benefit of the national scientific community, massive production, processing and analysis of genomic data (sequencing or genotyping) in the context of cooperative programs and its own projects.

As a corollary, a further mission of the IG is to permanently ensure monitoring and development in order to maintain its technological resources at international state of the art level.

Many of the missions for the benefit of the community are currently implemented in the context of, and with the support of, the France Génomique national infrastructure of which  the CEA/IG is the coordinating partner.

In addition to the vocation of cooperating with the community, the Institute of Genomics also has the objective of implementing its own research programs. The programs are in line with the operations of sequencing and analysis, and are conducted with a view to adding value through research themes specific to the IG. The programs are designed to fulfill two major strategic axes:

(i) At Genoscope, in particular in Unit UMR 8030 'Genomics Metabolics':  the genomic and functional exploration of biodiversity and exploitation of its capabilities with regard to the biochemistry of life with a view to industrial biotechnological applications.

(ii) At the CNRGH, in particular in the context of LabEx 'GenMed':  human genomics with a view to elucidating human diseases and translational research with a view to medical applications.