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The Institute of Genomics


Published on 23 May 2017
The Institute of Genomics (IG) of the Directorate of Basic Research of the CEA (CEA Sciences) is composed of two departments, which, with joint technological resources, i​mplement distinct scientific strategies and themes:

  • the CNRGH, oriented toward human genomics and translational research, directed by Jean-François Deleuze, and
  • Genoscope, oriented toward the exploration and exploitation of genomic and biochemical biodiversity, directed by Patrick Wincker.
IG/Genoscope also hosts a mixed research unit, UMR 8030 'Genomics Metabolics' directed by Marcel Salanoubat, and for which the University Evry-Val-D'Essonne (UEVE), CNRS and CEA constitute the joint guardian authorities.

The IG also houses a mixed service unit France Génomique (UMS 3628), an organization for the management of the national infrastructure France Génomique, of which the IG is coordinator. The joint guardian authorities for the UMS 3628 are the CEA, CNRS, INRA and Inserm.

For the implementation of its strategy and projects, IG benefits from the assistance of its support cell (CSSE), directed by Patricia Lenormand, which manages all administrative, financial, HR, safety, logistics, buildings and works questions, etc., in close cooperation with the teams of the Fontenay-aux-Roses (FAR) center.

In the context of the very numerous cooperative and/or partnership programs, both academic and industrial, implemented and in order to ensure the protection of the results of its research, the IG relies on the structures for profitable exploitation and legal affairs of the CEA and DRF.